Sendmail Sender Address Validator smf-sav reloaded 2.1

Preamble: Fork of smf-sav project

As the original Author Eugene Kurmanin has no interest in this widely
used software any more, and didn't fix any bug, I, Gabriele Maria Plutzar
release a "reloaded" version with heavy bugfixes.
This version (smf-sav reloaded 2.1) should exactly do what you expect.

If you have bugfixes, or comments send them to Perhaps
someone could test the IPV6 support, as I haven't done that yet.

  It's a lightweight, fast and reliable Sendmail milter that implements
a real-time Sender e-Mail Address Verification technology. This technology
can stop some kinds of SPAM with a spoofed sender's e-Mail address.
  Also it implements a real-time Recipient e-Mail Address Verification
technology. It can be useful if your machine is a backup MX for the recipient's
domains or if your machine forwards all e-Mail messages as a relay host for your
domains to another internal or external e-Mail servers.
  It's a lite alternative for the spamilter, milter-sender and milter-ahead


    - external editable configuration file;
    - whitelist by an IP address (in CIDR notation);
    - whitelist by a PTR (reverse DNS) record;
    - whitelist by an envelope sender e-Mail address;
    - whitelist by an envelope recipient e-Mail address;
    - scalable and tunable fast in-memory cache engine;
    - SMTP AUTH support;
    - strictly RFC-2821 compliant MX callback engine;
    - tolerance against non RFC-2821 compliant e-Mail servers;
    - blocking of e-Mail messages with a spoofed sender's e-Mail address;
    - recipient's e-Mail address verification with authoritative e-Mail stores;
    - progressive slowdown of recipient's e-Mail address brute force attacks;
    - Sendmail virtusertable and mailertable features full support.